In a fresh life update, Pauley Perrette discloses she had a stroke last year.


The former NCIS star posted a lengthy letter on social media on Saturday, outlining some of the unpleasant things that have happened to her in recent years, including almost passing out after being attacked and having a stroke.

“It’s 9/2,” it said. One year ago, I suffered a severe stroke. Prior to then, I had lost so many cherished relatives, friends, my father, and then Cousin Wayne.


“Despite the horrible life I have thus far been handed, I am still a survivor… And STILL HERE, STILL SO GRATEFUL, STILL SO FULL OF FAITH!”
“Oh my God, it’s September 2, it’s the one-year anniversary since I had a stroke, and I’m still here,” the actress stated in a video she posted accompanying the message.

“Yes, I’m still here again, like how many times do I cheat death?” she continued.

The actress continued by detailing how she was assaulted and “nearly died from a hair colouring allergy.”

I am still a survivor despite the terrible life I have so far been given. I am STILL HERE, STILL SO GRATEFUL, STILL SO FULL OF FAITH!
In a video she released alongside the statement, the actress said, “Oh my God, it’s September 2, it’s been a year since I had a stroke, and I’m still here.”

Yes, I’m still here. How many times have I evaded death? She went on.

The actress went on to say that she had been abused and “almost died from a hair colour allergy.”

Added a third: “Happy to see you still around. There must be many blessings if you look closely; they are just difficult to perceive through all the suffering.”
Pauley is well-known to many fans for her 15-year stint as Abby Sciuto in NCIS, which she left in 2018.

Pauley has retreated from performing in recent years, while frequently tweeting about topics near to her heart. The next year, she acknowledged that she would never return to the programme.

Pauley decided not to hunt for more television work after leaving, although she did return to the screens to play the lead character in the NBC sitcom Broke.

However, the programme was cancelled after just one season, and the actress declared her formal retirement from performing in 2020.

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