John Boyega Discloses What He Wants in a Partner and Only Dates Black Women

John Boyega is certain about his ideal mate.

The 30-year-old Star Wars actor claimed in an interview with British GQ that now that he is in his thirties, both business and his personal life are “priorities.”

“I’m 30 now. I basically focused on finding serenity and getting myself together from the age of 28 “He told the publication. “moving with integrity and openness. No deception. Never lie. Moreover, I am loyal to my commitments.”

Boyega claimed that now that he is prepared to consider falling in love more seriously, he is clear about the qualities he seeks in a spouse.

He said, “I exclusively date Black. “Then, chemistry, personality, and goals come into play. Exists a synergy? Can I assist you? Can you assist me?”

Boyega stated that he draws inspiration from his own parents, who have been married for 35 years.

They would like it if you had a wife and children if you were well-known, he remarked. “The best PR package is that. My parents, though, have been married for 35 years. There is nothing this world can do to exert pressure on me to draw my inspiration from sources other than my parents.”


On SiriusXM’s Bevelations last month, presenter Bevy Smith questioned the Golden Globe winner about his preference for “brown and hefty” women.

“Well, let’s be honest, at 27, 28, I wouldn’t have said it before.I’m informing them of “You need to speak it into existence, not just think it. Boyega explained. ” With a melanin content of over 75%, the skin is thick and tan.High levels. You must appear well-groomed.”

Before his career took off with his 2015 Star Wars debut, Boyega sought dating advise from none other than Robert Downey Jr. and Orlando Bloom.

Boyega said to GQ in 2017, “It was time for me to sit down with someone who’s gone through the extremes of Hollywood and to be given some pointers as to how to stay steady,” adding that the talk rapidly veered to women.

As a star, “they also urge you to find someone who doesn’t care about your work,” Boyega said.

That view was rejected by the British actor, who told his new teachers: “She has to care about it to understand it.”

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