Two times’ Sana And Jihyo Name The 2 Rookie Groups They Want To Befriend

Which rookie groups do TWICE’s Sana and Jihyo wish to become friends with?

The two TWICE members were guests on Wendy’s Young Street on SBS Power FM on August 31. Wendy is a member of Red Velvet.

During the programme, a listener wrote in with the query: “You guys have a lot of juniors in the industry now that you’re already in your seventh year as TWICE. Are there any young singers you’d like to get to know better?

Sana instantly responded, laughing enthusiastically, “NewJeans!” Jihyo concurred, saying, “NewJeans is really sweet.”

Jihyo said, “I also really enjoy IVE,” with enthusiasm.

There are so many [new artists] these days, Wendy observed, and Jihyo said by

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