US soap entertainer Robyn Griggs has passed on matured 49.

Robyn Griggs, an entertainer who was known for featuring on the dramas “A different universe” and “One Life to Live,” has passed on. She was 49.

The fresh insight about Griggs’ passing was affirmed in an explanation on her Facebook page Saturday.

“Hello everybody, With a weighty heart, I am disheartened to report Robyn’s passing,” the assertion started. “In any case, she is done affliction and would believe we should recall that and the great recollections.”

The assertion proceeded: “I will always remember that she was so open to recounting her story, and tolerating of me helping her tell it. She needed to help individuals and spread the news of her story to make it happen. I was respected to do as such. Tear my companion, I love you and grin when I think about you.”

Quick commemoration plans were not shared.

Griggs had opened up via online entertainment about her cervical disease determination. A GoFundMe page shared on her Facebook page said she went to the clinic for a pap smear and discovered that she had stage 4 endocervical adenocarcinoma in 2020.

She recorded her wellbeing battles over the most recent few years on Facebook.

In July, she posted an update that said: “I have 4 new cancers. 2 new cancers on my liver, one on stomach muscles and enormous one on right side lymph hub.”

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